Joker Logistics - International Transport Services | ABR Lojistik Hakkında
Güvenli ve kaliteli hizmet, hızlı, doğru ve eksiksiz bilgi akışı, olası aksaklıkları minimuma indirmek önceliğimizdir. Kadromuz, uzman, deneyimli ve profesyonel, problemlere çözüm getirebilen, gelişmeye açık ve motivasyonu yüksek bireylerden oluşmaktadır.
22 Yıllık Tecrübe..
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22 Years Experıence

About Us

Our company’s founders have taken an active part in the international transport sector since 1994.Our company’s all departments  which operates with solution-oriented and  superior service concept and unconditional customer satisfaciton  aims to present the best possible quality of service. In line with the requirements of the sector,it continues to invest in people and technology era. Safe and quality service, fast, accurate and complete information flow and to minimize the potential disruptions are our priorities.Our staff consists of individuals who are open for improvement , highly motivated expert,experienced , professional and can bring solution to the problems. Regularly every week with our service and price advantage, we offer artial and complete, door to door delivery, textiles and general cargo logistics services, deadline guaranteed express service, domestic and abroad, storage, bonded and general warehouse services in import shipments.Joker Logistics is ready to offer all kinds of demanded  logistical support  to our customers in our  compounds where we are working with our knowledge and experience.

Our mission

We work as a quality, fast and reliable partner in all the services which we provide to meet the expectations and needs of our customers.

Our Vision

Pursuing the principle of customer satisfaction in the international transport sector , we would like to take part in the leading position in quality and outstanding instutions.