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Our Servıces


Conveyance by Land

It is accepted  as the most efficient way of transportation system enabling the  loads to move safely ,quickly and firmly.

Due to its being the faster and more reliable as compared with other transportation methods it is the most preferred method of transport today. To enable the loads  to move without the need for support of other transport systems is amongst the most obvious advantages.

As Joker Logistics we fulfill the services which we give with professional staff and our modern fleet  in a complete manner including domestic and overseas with the sense of responsibility which we have taken.

Airline Transport

It is the cargo  transportation system enabling the loads to transport through  the airline in the country or between countries. 8% of worldwide cargo services is provided via air  transport.It is the most preferred transportation method by the import and export companies due to the advantages of the aircraft as a means of transport have in the line with technological advances ,accelleration of business processes and increase of product range in the world trade.

It has become a transportation method of which utilization rate has increased in recent years. Those  who provide shipping ,prefer to take the advice of a business experts  due to the complexity of the process, at this point Joker Logistics stand by you in every moment you need help with its fast, reliable and seamless air transport.


Maritime Transport

It is the preferred way of sea cargo transportation model in domestic or foreign transport. This transport method contains all merchant ships Today approximately 30% of all freight is carried by sea freight.

Joker Logistics which transports door to door  by combining with other transport modes as partial or complete  among all the world’s portsis at your disposal for fast and reliable delivery with professional staff.